Sunday, January 13, 2013

Waiting for Wanting More

I have finished "The Proposal" by Katie Ashley and I am waiting for "Wanting More" by Jennifer Foor to come available on Kindle.
For any of you who have not read these authors works, you should stop reading this blog and download their books; because they are awesome!!!
Anyway, like I said, I was looking for "Wanting More" and some self-help books popped up instead. Most were tips on ways men can get their wives in bed. Which makes me think, I must be in the minority, because I am always trying to get my husband in bed. Now granted, I am 37 years old and the reviewers of these self-help books were complaining that no matter what they did, if a woman was over 40 years of age they just didn't want to have sex because their sex drive diminished at that age. I guess that is possible, since I am not that age, but I can't imagine that less than 3 years is really going to change anything. My husband says that I am insatiable, but I tend to think that these men are not doing something right or these women are not having orgasms? Because really, why wouldn't a woman want an orgasm everyday (if not several times a day!)
I also know how popular erotica books have become lately and the demographics are that the women are mostly reading these books, so women must be wanting to get their freak on? Am I wrong?

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