Monday, January 7, 2013

The beginning of this blog...

This is the story of the start of how it all began. I lost my job in May 2012. I am a counselor and I thought I was standing up for the rights of a kid and the process brought on an ethical dilemma and I chose to side for what I thought was best for the child. My employer thought I should have chose their side. I didn't and therefore lost my job. I was devastated. I at least got the small victory that when I appealed the decision that my employer was shown to be in the wrong. However, it didn't change my employment status.
I have always read books throughout my life and when I was reading a good book or a good series, I could never put it down. I would become obsessed with the book(s) until completed. I didn't really have time for this with school or work, and probably never read a book in graduate school, unless it was a textbook.
I kept hearing about the Fifty Shades of Grey books on the radio or everywhere I turned. So, here I was with a forced vacation and so I decided to get the books. I discovered my love of reading again and I was obsessed. I read the stories like five times. I loved the stories, not because I learned I was a sexual being and discovered I could have sex in a different position than the missionary style, like some women. I have always been a very sexual person, but to know that there were writers out there like this amazed me. It wasn't just pornographic writing. I have read plenty of Danielle Steele novels, but none of them made me feel like the Fifty Shades novels did. Then I went on a search of other books like these and discovered a whole world of erotica and other women out there like me.

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