Monday, January 21, 2013

Definition of a Good Teaser!

     Kristen Proby, one of my new favorite authors, released late last night an extra-long excerpt or teaser from her upcoming book "Play with Me." If you haven't checked out her Seattle: With Me series, then you are missing out and after you read this post you should pick up a copy today! The order of the series is "Come Away with Me," Under the Mistletoe With Me," and then "Fight With Me" and they are all excellent reads!
     This particular blog post came about because I decided to tell my husband about Kristen's teaser this morning. My hubby then commented that he would show me a good teaser and decided to demonstrate what a good teaser is by starting to seduce me and then just when things were getting good, he stopped, got up and walked away. He then proceeded to turn his head to look back at me, wink, and then said, "Now that's a good teaser!" He then had the audacity to chuckle!
     So, I just want to let you know that the definition of a good teaser is to leave you SATISFIED, but also leave you wanting more! Kristen Proby, Jenn Foor, Shayne McClendon, Emily Snow, Michelle Valentine, Michelle Leighton, and Katie Ashley are usually phenomenal with giving out good teasers!
Please check out Kristen's teaser at

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