Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How far would you go?

I am currently reading a book, "Someone to Love" by Addison Moore; so far I am at 49% and it is okay and seems to be worth the $.99 that I paid for the ebook. Cruise, the male hero, has recently gone out and purchased 3 mice and let them loose in the room across the hall where the heroine, Kendall, is currently sleeping just so that she will come to his room at night and sleep with him where he just happens to be naked. Which brings me to my question, how far is a person willing to go to get laid? If you are actually inviting vermin on purpose to live in your home, doesn't that reek of desperation? It's also in my opinion, Disgusting!!!
I then started thinking about all that I had ever done to have sex. I have jumped across the seat to attack my husband, got dolled up in sexy clothing, and even pleaded but nothing compares to placing vermin in my home!

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