Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Expiration dating, to enter or not to enter?

     I have a friend that recently gave me the Gilmore Girls on DVD to watch and she said that I would like the series. I am currently on the second season and I do really like the show. It got me to thinking today when the main character broke off their engagement, if that should put a kibosh to the relationship. I normally would think absolutely, but I am constantly reading books where the characters enter into an agreement to date or have sex for a short period of time and the plan is to go their separate ways. However, the romance book never ends up that way, the characters always fall in love and end up with one another in the end. What if this is not realistic? What if the two characters can't get married or something or someone is standing in their way to true happiness? Or maybe they know they don't belong together, but want to enjoy the moment. Do they still enter into the expiration dating agreement? Do you enter into a relationship with someone, even if you know it has no future? Does it depend on the circumstances? In most of the books I read, the man has a phobia of commitment and magically he can't live without the woman and his fears just magically disappear. I think if it is someone like this then, my personal opinion is as Arnold best phrased it, "Hasta la Vista, Baby!" However, maybe this is not how a person should think? I do sometimes think that romance books can give women the wrong idea, because there are some men that are never going to change and women are delusional for thinking that they can just because it happens a lot in a romance book.
     Before I was married, I would say that I was just going to date and have fun, but it was never just that; if I was being honest with myself. I don't know that I am the type to enter into a relationship that has no potential to go anywhere. I would always find myself thinking, what would we do if this got really serious? For example, I am a die hard Democrat and I dated a man in college that was at the Air Force Academy. He and his family were staunch Republicans. I loved and cared for him and was devastated when we ended things, but in the back of my mind I was constantly thinking how would we ever make it with such different beliefs.
     I have been thinking about the character, Lorelia, from the Gilmore Girls. I knew that she would not get married to the man she was engaged to even if they were a cute couple. I just don't think they belong together in the end. Who is to say that just because it doesn't end in marriage or them living happily ever after, that they shouldn't enjoy it while it lasts?
    What are your thoughts? Do you enter relationships like this or have you ever been in a relationship that had an expiration date? I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

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