Monday, February 11, 2013

Best Romance

I finished "Fall for Me" by Sydney Landon this morning and started thinking about Romance and since Valentine's Day is this week. I thought I would have a blog entry about it. The book was good, but nothing to write home about. In my opinion, the characters really didn't have the chemistry that Sydney's other 2 books in the series had. Romance really wasn't in the repertoire of this book.
This got me to thinking about the most romantic things that have ever happened to me. One day I came home to Hershey kisses lined up on the floor and they led me down a path to our bedroom. At the end of the path, my hubby said, "I have literally kissed the ground that you walk on!" That had to be the sweetest moment of my life.
Now for some, this might be cheesy or a turn off, but for me I love the things that don't necessarily cost much money, but take time or effort. My hubby has made me a memory jar, cooked meals for me, cleaned for me, helped me in ways to make my life easier, gone shopping with me, done some of my favorite things with me like scrapbooking, and those things have meant more to me than any flower or present ever could.
Now after being together for 13 years, obviously the romance has died in some ways. My hubby used to open the car door for me all the time, but that seemed to stop after a year or two of marriage. Also, the grand gestures used to be unexpected and on a more frequent basis and now they are saved for special occasions. This doesn't mean that the romance is dead, I just sometimes have to look a little harder for it. For example, my hubby made me an omelet on Saturday morning and he did it just because he knows how much I like them. It's the small things that count and matter to me!
What is the most romantic thing to ever happen to you? What is the most romantic thing to ever happen in a book you've read? Do you prefer a traditional Valentine present, or something more unique?

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